You know the saying that is you keep on doing the same things you will keep on seeing the same results? This is very true on both sides of the scale of course. If you train really hard and eat really well, you will probably see amazing results and then it will be very hard for you to change your habits and I don’t blame you! The more realistic thing that we see all the time though is people doing the same workouts every day, eat the same meals every lunchtime and look exactly the same as last year this time. Now let us just zone in a little closer to what I really want to say. Why do we keep on doing crunches when we know they don’t work?

It usually looks like this, person walks into the gym, do a 30 minute jog on the treadmill, some 20 minutes on the bike and then head over to the circuit and finish off with crunches. This is probably the same workout they did in June, no change in workout so no change in body shape. The crunches are like a little cool down exercise after each and every workout. Why do we do this? We don’t really know better and we feel comfortable in doing crunches. We see these funny moves in some of the more reputable magazines but to walk around in the gym with a page ripped out of the magazine and then reading it while trying to do it only makes us feel like fools so we never try it! Thus, we stick to the crunch because we know how it works.

The fact is we don’t even need to do a crunch to reap the benefits of a very good abdominal workout. We walk around outside of the gym and do this move when? Never you say? Correct. So why do we not do exercises inside the gym that will actually benefit us outside of the gym? Cool stuff like rotational exercises. We do this every day when we reach up to the corner cupboard to get that big serving dish we don’t use that often. We reach down to pick up our groceries after we unlocked the boot of the car.  You keep our stomach muscles nice and tight when you carry that heavy bag over your shoulder to keep you from falling over. Mimic those type of moves inside your training facility and you will benefit way more than with the single crunch.

By swinging a kettlebell around will give you abs of steel and a lower back that will never develop problems when you are older. Do some single leg stiff leg deadlifts. This will force your abs to work hard to keep you stable while training your lower back, glutes, hamstrings and calves. This is not only a bonus for working almost all of your major and minor muscles from your lower back down. You do not need to do those crunches at the end of the workout. Time saved is probably 15 minutes! Very important if you are trying to squash a workout into your lunchtime or have a meeting to rush to.

Don’t be scared to drop the crunch, it will really be worth your while in the long run.