As with everything in live, you have to follow some rules to be successful. It is no different in training, you do certain exercises in certain ways, for a certain amount reps with some rest in between. Now start incorporating the following 5 key principles into your daily lives, not just your workouts, to see better results.

Eat your vegetables

Yes, your mother said that to you when you where still living at home, but your mother was right, vegetables are full of vitamins and nutrients to help build and sustain a healthy body. Vegetables help remove free radicals out of your body (they are bad, by the way) it boost your immune system, this help you get sick less every winter. They are also very high in fibre and will help you feel fuller for longer, meaning you will be hungry less often and this will help not to snack on unnecessary food between meals. You are supposed to get 5 – 7 servings of vegetables per day! Yes, not very many of us even get two servings a day, let alone 7! So what to do about our little dilemma? Start slowly and reintroduce vegetables to your diet if they do not exist or try and put at least one more serving of vegetables onto your menu per week, this will slowly become a good habit and your body will thank you for it.

Do your strength training first

If you are addicted to both cardiovascular and strength training and you do them both on the same day, research has shown that doing your strength training first is more beneficial to you. That same research showed that your power output during your strength workout decreases by 6 – 7% if you do your cardiovascular workout first! It has also proven that doing your cardiovascular training after strength training will increase your fat metabolism. The best way by far is to incorporate the two and get the benefits of both in one simple workout. This is called hybrid training where you basically use weight training to increase your heart rate (just as in traditional cardiovascular training) or you can incorporate skipping or jumping on a mini trampoline as well.

Eat your breakfast

Your mother was right again, this is the most important meal of the day. A little scenario for you. Assume that you finished your last meal for the day at 7:30pm last night, it is now 6am the next morning. So, you haven't eaten anything for 10 ½ hours, that is half a day! If you skip this meal, you put your body under stress, by doing that you are now vulnerable to fatigue and your muscle tissue will also start breaking down. This is not good if you are trying to build some muscle and lose the fat. By eating breakfast you will kick start your metabolic rate and get you in gear for the perfect nutrition day.

Consume your nutrients in food form and not powder form

The age old question. What should I eat? Has been made easy by supplementation companies that supply us with many pills and powders to do just that, supplement our meals. Unfortunately in our busy lifestyles these days it is not about supplementing anymore but more about replacing. They question what should I eat, should not be answered by some powder and water just because it is convenient, it should be whole, natural and fresh food. Pills and powders will supply you the basic vitamins and nutrients that you need but it can not and should never replace food. So what should I eat? Fresh and raw fruit and vegetables, lean meat, fish and chicken and of course drink lots of water.


Perform any exercise or move in your mind before you actually do it. This will help you focus on form and technique and will help you to perform better with every rep, set and workout you do. It has been proven with athletes that the power of visualization increase performance so why not try it with your training? It is absolutely worth the try and it will only make you reach your results quicker.

Make small changes frequently and not massive changes all at once. This is the golden rule to reaching sustainable results.