I was watching a movie this morning (for those who care, or don't care, I am taking time off from being a fitness professional to be a mommy) so sometimes I have some minutes to watch pieces of movies. Anyway, it is the Sandra Bullock movie 28 days, where she spends 28 days in a rehabilitation center for alcohol and drug abuse. Come to think about it, if we start a new road of health and fitness, the beginning of it is a lot like spending 28 days in such a center. Now the whole idea of the 28 days is basically that it takes 28 days to get rid of a bad habit and form a good habit (or another habit if you want to be more politically correct) They are probably very intensive programs when you book yourself into such a center due to the fact that you don't have access to phones and the net and such and all your vices get confiscated. So it is you, your withdrawal syndrome and the persistent counselors. Pure torture for them but if you think about it, that is almost what the movie starts go through when they prepare for a "body" movie. Only eat what is put in front of them, train for hours every day. We think it is awesome, talk to them, maybe not so awesome, but we love, love, love the bodies that we see. Realistic. Not at all. So what is realistic? How to we get to, wherever we are at the moment, to where we want to be with all the distractions out there? So maybe we can look at the 28 day programs or the 12 step programs.
  1. We have to admit that we have reached a point that we want to now get into shape/get healthy, _________________________(fill in what you feel you need to do)
  2. We can get what we want, we just need to believe in ourselves and get the necessary professional input to help.
  3. Make a decision to turn our unhealthy lives around.
  4. Do a search on why we started and continued on our unhealthy ways.
  5. After we have done this search, admit to ourselves the reasons and tell others, so they can help you start your quest on being healthy and fit.
  6. Make sure you are totally ready and committed to start your journey to fitness.
  7. We are going to have remove all the nonsense out of our houses, first of all, to not be tempted.
  8. Make a list of all the harmful things we have done to our bodies and start making amends, one thing at a time.
  9. Keep a diary, a food diary that is. It is more powerful than you think.
  10. Tell others about our mission.
  11. Don't be overbearing, nobody likes a wise-ass, but tell people how much you have changed for the better (without taking your clothes off, of course)
  12. Help others do the same and reach their health and fitness goals. There is nothing more powerful than someone that has gone through the same process and came out a winner on the other side.

Yeah, ok, it might be a little cheesy to do a 12 step thing to reach fitness goals, but then again, if its not on paper then you will probably not reach those goals, so maybe its not that stupid. It is all about trail and error and personal experience. Whatever is going to work for you and get you to your goal.

Good luck!