Do you ever feel like you want to throw in the towel out of frustration because you are training so hard, but not seeing any results? Many feel that way and we sometimes forget that the equation is just that, an equation. It is not just about training five times per week. It is not just about really pounding the treadmill in an awesome interval training or doing an intense superset type weight training workout! It is all about finishing the equation: 1 + 1 = awesome body. The first part is the exercise. The second part is the eating.

Do not fool yourself and believe that a really intense workout every day of the week is going to give you that elusive perfect body. Do not even go as far as thinking that training 7 days a week is going to give you that. It will give you a lot of other things like burnout and overuse injuries. It will also give you an ok body, but not the one you are looking for. Not the show stopping effect that you want. You will only achieve this through eating the best nutritious food that will fuel your muscles and help burn the fat. We all know this, do we apply it? And if we don’t, why not?

Pressure. Society is an ugly animal that makes us do things we don’t really want to. Now you can wing it and hope for the best. Or you can actually work on the tried and tested methods out there to succeed. The easiest, most effective way is always the best way to go about it.

This is how it goes. Eat good nutritious food 85 – 90% of the week. Leave 2 to 3 meals in the week for a “cheat” or “diet breaker” this will keep you sane, on so many levels. Firstly, you can have the food you have been craving during the week. Secondly, it is like a reward for eating healthy the rest of the week. Lastly, it will give you the confidence and emotional back up to carry on week in and week out. Remember one golden rule. It is a meal, not a day and not a 3 hour meal either where you stuff your face with food continuously. One sitting, one meal. This will include alcohol. As soon as you have a glass of wine or a beer with a perfectly healthy meal, it is a cheat. Remember to have fun when you eat. Eating is a social event and if you enjoy your cheat meals, the more healthy strict meals will be easier and also more enjoyable to eat.

Healthy also have many pitfalls and yet again, go for the tried and tested method. Shop only for fresh fruit and vegetables, lean meat, poultry and fish and you are acing your test! When it gets to wheat and dairy products, I have my reservations, but a lot of us out there do not want to give up these foods, so the option will always be whole wheat or rye when it comes to wheat and low fat or fat free dairy. Do yourself a favour though and try to go dairy free for two weeks. See how you feel and look after the two weeks and then you be the judge and jury of how good or bad dairy is for you. Try the same with wheat and note the difference in your mood, energy and your weight.

You will be surprised how many people out there are allergic to some kind of wheat or dairy product and by cutting it out, will eliminate a lot of your problems. So be brave and do the test. See if you can become an advocate of dairy and wheat free diets.