Being in the industry that I am, means that staying away from home for long times a very regular thing, and if you walk into your house at a very late hour of the night tend to give you lead feet the next day. Well, I had one of those days today. Thankfully (and we don't say this often) a couple of clients rescheduled or are away on holiday and I took the opportunity to get in my car and go home for some r and r.

I felt like not doing anything but get in bed and sleep a bit. Needless to say (and of course you are reading a post, so I did some other stuff as well) I basically just needed to get away from the work and normal day to day environment. So I took the chance and change my workout plan for the day as well. Yes, us fitness professionals are human after all and change is sometimes a necessary thing to do to survive.

We hear a lot of trainers and specialists say more and more every week that your training should sometimes be like practise. Especially when you need to up skill yourself or learn a new movement. So today I did a couple of things differently and I would like to share them with you.

* I usually do metabolic circuits 3 to 4 times per week and throw in some strength sessions once or twice a week, depending on my energy levels and how my body is feeling. So first thing that I did differently today was little super sets, with lots of rest in between. This is just what the doctor ordered for my tired body, light body weight exercises, all with my TRX.

*The second thing I did differently is getting out of the gym environment, no pumping music, no crowded training areas and no people scrutinizing your funny moves. I trained outside. Here in South Africa it is the beginning of spring and the sun was fantastic on my little white skin. I felt immediately energized.

Two small changes that did me a world of good. So bottom line is, if you are bored, tired, sore, no imagination, no will to do your workout, then I suggest you flip everything upside down and try something radical. Don't like to swim? Get into your costume and hit the water. Afraid of running? Get a buddy and go do some hill sprints OUTSIDE! Get out of the stuffy, air conditioned gym and you will feel like a different person and you will have the will to get through your health and fitness goals for the week.