I know you don't like hearing about personal stuff, but today's rant is a bit personal. A lot of people deal with adversity in different ways and that is a choice you make. Fitness works a lot the same. You can stare a problem or a disaster in the face and make a choice on how you are going to handle it and for this reason I am going to let you in on a little secret, a couple of days in the life of a not so perfect trainer that did not so perfect things and then end of with a lesson in how you turn it around and don't use excuses to let yourself slide even more.

We all deal with stress and certain situations in different ways, some people grab the bag of chips and box of chocolate chip cookies as soon as the stress hits. I am a bit different, maybe it is good, maybe it is bad, I like to train (OK, so maybe I do have a brain deficiency, but you never know...) Sweating brings me closer to feeling alive and happy, it is all to do with hormones being released when you train, actually it is exactly the same hormones being released when you have sex, the feel good stuff that puts you on a high without being on drugs. Anyway, back to my story. We all struggle to eat the healthy stuff, to have the will inside ourselves to choose the healthy option and not just follow the crowd like sheep and say we will be good again the next day, because it is a snowball effect and a point I would like to prove by my unhealthy ways the past couple of days.

Fly to Cape Town on Sunday night. So you jump on the plane and all they serve is a veggie version of a pasta and a meat version of the pasta. Now I avoid wheat wherever I can, so to have a choice of pasta or pasta, I went for pasta. Look at the recent research that went into why wheat is so awful for you, you know not to touch the stuff, but the worst time in the day to eat wheat is by far at night, the insulin levels of the body spikes when attempting to burn the wheat that you just ate and of course spiked insulin levels lead to greater fat storage and that when you are about to get some shut eye means one very bad thing for your body. Anyway, on to my pasta meal for the evening. Pair that with family that only see you on funerals and weddings (and recently it is only funerals) you drink wine and are merry till what time of the night. Now you get up after about 4 and a half hours of sleep the next day, in comes horrible fitness truth number two, due to the stress that your body goes through when you do not sleep 8 – 9 hours per night, a hormone called cortisol gets released, in a nutshell, fat storage due to this little devil. So, 2 – 0 to fat gain and I am not even half way through my story!

Next day went from bad to absolutely worse, travelling, thus, sitting in a car, being totally inactive and not eating at all and then when you do get to eat, the healthy options at a corner cafe in a town that you cannot even pronounce the name is not very great, but you have to eat so you get yoghurt (you should think this is a healthy choice, guess again. Lactose intolerance is more abundant in adults than ever before and of course adult humans are not made to consume milk. So there is a problem of digesting that makes fat loss so much harder) here you are 9.30 in the morning, kind of starving and you only get to have so cheese and suspect ham sandwiches again at 11.30. O and of course some mince balls and little mini sausage rolls, you eat, because you are hungry (and some other emotions that goes through you) and you don't know when your next meal is going to be. So you end the day by devouring a Wimpy burger at 6pm and at last your stomach sees decent food for the first time that day. What? You call a Wimpy burger decent food? Desperate times desperate measures.

The point I am trying to make is two fold. Number one. We are all human and we all fall off the wagon. It does not matter how determined you are or what you plan, life happens and when you do fall off there is one crucial thing that you have to do and that is to forgive yourself. Don't beat yourself up and don't blame yourself for days on end and under no circumstance go onto the cardio confessional. You know, spending hours on the treadmill because you feel guilty. It does not work, period.

Secondly. The moment you get a chance to get back onto your wagon, take it. It is now Thursday, I am back to eating well and I have a good metabolic, weight training circuit planned out for my workout coming up this afternoon. I could have very easily decided to just give up for the rest of the week and start again on Monday, I am not doing that. I am doing a metabolic boosting workout today, have a squash game scheduled for Friday night and some dog walking for Saturday. All the while I'll be eating lots of raw veggies and fruit, some nuts here and there and lean meat. If I have given up for the rest of the week, I would have lost another 4 days. 4 Days in which a could have wreaked havoc on good eating and healthy doses of exercise. The lesson, get back on that wagon immediately. Don't give up and don't be cruel to yourself when you do fall off.

We all go through stuff in our lives, it is all about how quickly you bounce back and get back on track. Rapid Result is your one source of mental help and social support. Use us, e-mail us, send us messages on our facebook page, join the twitter page, but keep in touch, so you've fallen off a couple of times, let us be your helping hand to get you back up and be the best you have ever been!