Wow, I think it is time for a rant, in a big way. I get home this afternoon, something that only happens of Friday afternoons, the rest of the time it is grind until night time. With laptop on lap :) ready to go through the week's e-mails I switch on the television and settle into some mails and some research. My goodness, what research I was in for!

The first advertisement on the TV is of Nutella, you know, that yummy chocolate spread that we can dig into with a large spoon! Now this ad starts with two children that looks really lethargic in school and on the sports field. The ad also mentioned that breakfast is very important. Check, that is correct, so far so good, but then the bad advertising explosion gets under way. The “mom” in the ad then mentioned that she now gives her kids Nutella on bread for breakfast! NUTELLA ON BREAD? Huh? She goes on to say it gives her kids the sharpness in class and the edge on the sports field.

You know what? That is disgusting. How can marketing companies blatantly lie to you that badly? How is chocolate and wheat good for you? How can that keep you sustained throughout the day and how is that going to make you better in school and in sports. Just look at how this product is marketed in America. As a snack and drink. You can say a lot about America, (like the size of the container) but at least the marketing is true.

OK, so let us look at the ingredients. The exact recipe is a well guarded secret kept by the makers of Nutella but we can say that the main ingredients are sugar and vegetable oils. Great, sugar is the biggest threat to the health since we started ingesting it in such large amounts and vegetable oil that is a synthetic and should actually not be used for human consumption. Just think the whole trans fat debate going on these days.

So, we consume sugar for breakfast. It is known to spike your blood sugar levels sky high and of course this will trigger the release of insulin and if this happens too often in your life then insulin gets depleted in your body and you sit with diabetes. But hey, sugar for breakfast is great when you sell lots of products, deceive the public and make money out of it. It would not surprise me if the medical fraternity is in on the scam so that when people develop diabetes, they can make their cut and supply the insulin needed to inject into your leg for the rest of your life! Then of course we are not even talking about the day to day effect of sugar on rotten teeth. Yes, so now the dentists are in on it as well. Yes, sell as much sugar and vegetable oil Nutella and we will all get rich!

What about vegetable oils?

About half of the content of Nutella comes from fat. This type of oil do stuff like slow your blood circulation, it causes blood clotting, it slows down your central nervous system. It also changes your hormonal structure, your vital organs slows down and does not work effectively any more and of course it can effect memory! And still these ads go on and say “Eat Nutella and bread for breakfast” Give it to your kids in the morning and they will live a happy, energetic life!

I am not saying that you should get rid of everything in your life that you enjoy. Everything in moderation, but if you advertise on national television that this is the best way to feed your children and that if you do they will be more energetic on the sports and pay more attention in class while eating sugar and fat, that is an awful thing to do.