When you train, you lose more than just water”

That is what the Powerade brand is claiming in their new ad campaigns, but is this just a gimmick to make you buy their drinks or is there justification in what they are saying? The first thing you have to look at when talking about sports drinks is the fact that when you read up on it, the research says it is basically sweetened water. It has to taste good, otherwise it is not going to sell so they put in stuff like corn syrup (sugar in its basic of forms), sucralose (more sugar), acesulfame potassium (the stuff they make sweeteners from, and we all know how deadly that is for you) and then of course they say they fortify it with a lot of B vitamins.

Now here at Rapid Results we believe that everything that needs to be fortified with vitamins is no good for consumption. If it does not have these vitamins and minerals in already, it is as good as eating and drinking cardboard boxes. So why do we go out and pay ridiculous amounts of money for sugar water? Well, it is not really our fault. The companies employ big, flashy marketing companies to make sure we are brainwashed in believing their products are the key to our fitness success. Powerade is the number one sponsor for the modern day Olympic Games. Remember they called the Atlanta games the Coke games? Coke is the maker of Powerade and that is why every athlete at the games had one of those in their hands. We see that and we are hooked. Take a step back and realize that these evil drinks are going to knock you back ten years in your fat loss goals.

See for yourself the list of ingredients in your average 500ml Powerade bottle:


  • Water - Needed by all human beings

  • High fructose corn syrup – Will spike your insulin levels for a 30 minute period and then drop you from Mt. Everest, making you feel lethargic and tired and reaching for another Powerade with more sugar in it.

  • Salt – Don't we have enough salt in our diets as is? Cholesterol is the number 1 silent killer in our society but let us just put some more in our bodies.

  • Potassium citrate – actually used as a diuretic, diuretics are used to elevate the frequency of urination. In other words they would like you to believe that you are well hydrated, but in actual fact is the ingredients make you urinate more!

  • Phenylalanine – An essential amino acid, again, they have to fortify your drink which means your sugar water is incompetent.

  • Sucralose – Artificial sweetener. It is claimed to be almost 600 times sweeter than your normal table salt. I guess they want you to be thirsty even more to consume more of this drink of theirs.

  • Sodium Citrate – More salt!

  • Malic Acid – Another type of salt.

  • Potassium phosphate – And another type of salt.

  • Vitamin B6 – Fortified – if it is fortified it does not contain it naturally – not good.

  • Vitamin B2 - Again, fortified.

So much of salt and sugar it is actually scary. They make it sweet so that you don't feel satisfied and drink more, it contains diuretics so that you go to the loo more and think that you must be properly hydrated and then they put mountains of salt in it that just boosts your cholesterol levels through the roof and we give this stuff to our kids?