There is a couple of things you can do to blast away the spare tyre around your middle, but alas, we are always bombarded with too much information and we do not know where to start and what do we do? We just chuck it all away and just keep on doing what we are doing and you know the saying, keep doing and eating the same way and you will keep on looking the same way. So without any further ado, below you will find some very simple ideas to implement into your daily health routine. Now before you get your teeth stuck into all these tips, always remember not to overwhelm yourself with too much too soon. Implement one tip at a time, get used to it and then move on to the other. Make sure that you are 100% sure to make this lifestyle change. Don’t let anybody bully you into it, don’t feel guilty about something and then make the change, you must be 100% committed to life the healthy lifestyle to the full. You must realize that you might feel uncomfortable and agitated due to your new menu and exercise regimes. Keep a food diary, every minute of every day, just contact for a complimentary food diary. Remember to included all liquids consumed, even good old H2O. Sleep enough. Try for 7-8 hours per night. If you don’t you will struggle to lose that unwanted fat. Don’t just put yourself down on the couch on rest days, try and take the dogs, kids or better half for an easy walk around the neighbourhood, but get moving. The old saying goes, if it is in the house, you are going to eat it, so save yourself the hardship and just get rid of it. Have your cheat meal. If you eat healthy and cleanly the whole time, you are allowed to eat your favourite food. Aim for 3 cheat meals a week. Less if you are seriously getting rid of some unwanted kilograms. Just remember to keep an eye on your portion size and remember, it is only a meal, not a day full of indulgences. Leave the bicep curls for the bodybuilders watching and adoring themselves in the mirror while grunting to get some attention from the skimpy clad army of adoring female fans. You want to do exercises that involves multiple muscles. You will get better and faster results. Be positive about life and get rid of the negative, energy sapping people around you. You don’t really need people around you telling you how hard it is and you will never be able to pull it off. Move them away from you and surround yourself with people that can help and encourage. Not as bad as you thought? Good, now go ahead and choose at least one and implement it NOW!