The magical lunge

April 23, 2014

When you look at the lunge, a lot of people will look at the exercise and pull their faces. Those are the people that think that the lunge is a stupid exercise. What you will find is that they will go try this exercise in the privacy of their own living room when the whole family is sleeping and find out (the next day) that they cannot walk and that it is quite a difficult and highly effective exercise. Those people will never do a lunge in public and that is fine, because they are surely doing them in private and it is better than nothing. 

A lunge is basically single leg work. Maybe it is something that the big lifters don't look at due to the ladylike fashion a lunge is done, but something to look into none the less. So even if you are a big lifter, go ahead, read this anyway and go do the variations of this single leg exercise in your garage gym when no one is looking, but do them anyway.

No to get into the nitty gritty of this exercise. Again, we need to look at the progressions to do this safely and to progress to the all elusive and powerful pistol. This is the exercise to do for ultimate strength. When looking at the lunge, the big powerlifters out there has one thing right, you have to be able to squat and do the big lifts first before lunge. In fancy talk, bilateral (both legs) work before unilateral (one leg) work. Bilateral work will offer you the stability that you need before you go onto the humble lunge. Yes, all of us usually think that yeah, the lunge, easy, so let us start with it. Big oops if you do. When you do a squat, you do not rotate at all. When you look at the lunge and all its many variations is technically still bilateral because both your feet is on the ground but it doesn't give you the stability because of a more narrow stance.

Ok so with all the talk, lets jump straight into the progressions of the lunge

Bodyweight static lunge

Bodyweight forward lunge

Bodyweight walking lunge 

Bodyweight reverse lunge

Bodyweight slideboard or Valslide reverse lunge

Bodyweight deficit reverse lunge

Weighted vest walking lunge

Dumbbell walking lunge

Barbell walking lunge

Barbell front walking lunge

Barbell Zercher walking lunge

Dumbbell contralateral load deficit reverse lunge

Barbell deficit reverse lunge

So, loads of variations, start at the top and work your way down the list as you become better and stronger. Remember, the squat is still king and you have to be able to do this properly BEFORE you move onto the magic of the lunge.


The inverted row

April 16, 2014

On the back of our discussion on the renegade row, we jump straight into the inverted row. Why 2 back exercises in one challenge? Well, for the simple reason that we are obsessed with our “mirror muscles” the pecs, abs and quads and we totally forget about the back, the mos important part of our bodies to keep us upright in a life that is full of question mark positions in front of computers and televisions.

So in comes the majestic inverted row, hooray, at last a reason to work on the smi...

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Rough and tough Renegade Rows

April 14, 2014

During the April challenge, we’ve looked at the goblet squat and the push up. Now, these are hard to get right and it takes time and effort to practise these moves for them to feel right. Now let us up the ante to the next exercise. The renegade row. Yes, some people don’t even know what it is and others just look at it and say, yeah right, and move back to normal bent over rows. But I tell you, if you want a super nice looking back and ...

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The mighty push up

April 9, 2014
Why don't we do push ups? Are they too difficult or do we just not give it the respect it really deserve? We look at workouts in the latest edition of our local fitness magazines and beginner trainers all over the country will rip the pages from the magazine, take it with them to gym and try and do the workout. They don't always get it right and that is were injuries come from. It is not their fault at all. They get hurt, sore and it is all because they look at awesome pics (see the one above...
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A - Ass to the grass (Goblet squats)

April 2, 2014
The first move of our April challenge is the goblet squat. Don't know what that is?
If you look at any child that starts walking, how do they get down to pick up stuff off the floor? They squat down, perfectly, may I add. They basically sit down between their legs and they don't fall over, at all. It is a perfectly balanced masterpiece of a squat, and we were all capable of that type of move, we just lost it do to stupid things we do, lack of mobility and by just focusing on training those mir...
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April Challenge

April 1, 2014
Hi there all Rapid Results people.
Hope you had a fun time doing the fat loss challenge and that you saw some awesome results!

This April we are running a different type of challenge.
There is always a move or 20 that we can just not get right because we are just not strong enough for it. Because of that, we just cut it out of our training due to the difficulty of this move.

I have chosen 5 moves (that fits nicely into the word APRIL) to practice during the month of April.

During the next couple o...
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Week 4, day 5 - 30 Day Fat Loss Challenge

March 28, 2014
Let us rock and roll hard core today.


10 rounds of:

10 push ups
10 burpees
10 reverse lunges - each leg
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Week 4, Day 4 - 30 Day Fat Loss Challenge

March 26, 2014
It is Wednesday! No, really? You tell me! Hehe.

Wednesday is a day that is sometimes very difficult to get going, especially for your workout. 

Today is official rest day for our challenge. But that should not stop you to go play a friendly game of tennis or squash, go walk the dog/s (more challenging if it is dogs and they are anything like mine....)

Your rest days are all about recharging with family and friends and not just lying on the sofa after your debilitating workout and can't move a mu...
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Week 4, Day 2 - 30 Day Fat Loss Challenge

March 25, 2014
It is the 23rd day of this challenge and although we did not do workouts on every single day of this challenge, it does not mean that it is not a good challenge. 

We often think that we need to work out 7 days a week and for very many hours at a time. We think that when we do not train we get fat and unfit. Not true and it is something that we need to reinforce more and more these days. We can maintain a healthy lifestyle with good healthy eating habits and training 3 to 4 times a week for no ...
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Week 4, Day 1 - 30 Day Fat Loss Challenge

March 24, 2014
Last week of our challenge and so far, some serious fat has been burnt.

Hopefully, you have been managing your eating plan throughout the 3 weeks that's done and dusted.

Weekends are always about planning your weekly meals, shop for the ingredients and set yourself up for total success during the week. 

So on we march to our workout.

You are going to start your workout off with a run. 1km of an all out effort run. Make it your best effort!

Take a bit of a breather and then you hit skipping:

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